Philips Tondeuse à Visage HP6390/10 Hot Pink

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Les tondeuses à visage Philips testées ici sont conformes aux règlements de l’union européenne en vigueur.

Le nom officiel de cette tondeuse est : Philips Tondeuse à Visage HP6390/10 Hot Pink.

Philips PrecisionPerfect Trimmer HP6390/10 for the Face PrecisionPerfect from Philips offers you a quick, safe and painless way to remove facial hair. Not only can it remove facial hair, leaving your skin silky smooth, it can also be used to trim and shape hair, such as your eyebrows. It’s small, compact and discreet, so you can pop it in your bag and have it ready to hand if you spot an unwanted stray hair. The PrecisionPerfect is exactly that, precise enough to remove just the hairs that you don’t want, giving you perfect results every time. How to use To start using, simply slide the on/off switch, place the trimming head onto the hair you want to remove and glide it against the direction of your hair growth. For best results, keep skin taut while trimming. FeaturesPerfectly shaped eyebrows with the precision attachment
Additional portable tweezers for absolute precision
Comes with a delicate cleaning brush for optimal hygiene
Lightweight and compact for complete control
Shape definition with 2 trimming length options (2 mm and 4 mm)


Les tondeuses à visage Philips testées ici sont constituées d’éléments fonctionnels de bonne à excellente qualité : moteur, câble, lames, etc.

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